Well, want to know how the name A.L. Designs come about? It's actually quite simple - it's the name of my initials :) ! Initially, I went into this art in order to design unique pieces for myself to wear. However, in time, I came to fall in love with it and started exploring the various crafting techniques and decided how marvelous if like-minded people can come together to appreciate my crafts (like you!). Hence, A.L. Designs is born and I hope you guys would love it!

Coming up with complicated designs always spur me on to do better. However, simple designs do have its attractions too! As my concept is to craft each piece to be uniquely different yet appealing, I will not remake the same piece except for special requests. This is because most of my materials are imported from overseas and often subject to availability. The wire I used are normally artistic wire, 14k gold plated chains, gemstone beads, quality charms, swarovski crystals and many others. I always try to source for good quality materials as I believe quality does matter as well. I may experiment with the same charm, albeit with different colors for those who really adore the same design (stay tuned)!

If you like to change the ear hooks to gold-filled or silver, there is additional charge of $2 USD and $1 USD respectively.

Lastly, I hope you enjoy browsing my collection as much I enjoy designing them for you! Hope you will have a good time :)


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