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"Looks good enough to eat!" - Carla Lawrence

"These are of lovely quality. Thank you so much. I will be ordering from here again" - Sharon Yu

"perfect! The earrings are so cutee" - Neysa Simangunsong

"I love the colors on these earrings...ruby with dark pink and white pearl clusters. They are so
pretty!!!K.Phillips" - Kathleen Phillips

"I actually had someone move back my hair so they could get a better look, they immediately
smiled and said "cute". I also had a guy ask me where I got them so he could get a pair for his
girlfriend" - Kasey D. Ellison

"These are hands down my favs, I'm trying not to buy more fruit tart earrings, but I don't think
I'm going to be able to hold out! - Kasey D. Ellison

"I love all your pastries...they look so real! Thank you!" - Juliet Walden

"The Post office dropped the ball on Brenda's gift. Thanks to Adrine's help, they were found today,
here's my sister-in-law's comment" I just picked them up from the PO. They're beautiful. And clever
workmanship! I love that you can slip the crosspiece(the wave) out and wear the mermaid au
naturale! Thank you bunches! Love, b" - Brenda Bragg

"Love these!!! So cute!!! Carefully packed and quickly shipped!!! Thanks so much!!!" - Cheryl Farah


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